Tax review


Do you think that tax burden of your company is too high?
Are some costs not taken into account for taxation purposes?
Is the tax calculation methodology incorrect?

We will review tax compliance of your company and, if necessary, address all the matters.

How we can help you

Our approach to tax reviews is based on deep knowledge of legislation in the field of taxation, accounting and law, as well as on practical experience of our experts.

Failure in understanding of  legal aspects of the transaction or its improper recognising in accounting often leads to negative tax consequences.

Our team will help you to avoid such situations, detect and correct existing errors in calculation of the company’s taxes in time before tax authorities’ audit.

You need our tax review services if: 

  • your company is included into coordination plan of audits for the next six months, and you want to make sure that your tax compliance is fine; or
  • there is a probability of a desk or unscheduled tax audit; or
  • you spend too many cash on taxes, and you want to minimise your expenses, without violating tax laws; or
  • you are planning a new business activity, but you are not sure that your company knows all recent or planned updates of tax law; or
  • your owner / director / chief accountant insists on performing tax review by an independent consultant.

We offer the following services:

  • random check of particular transactions tax accounting implications, depending on the respective criteria (for example, transaction size);
  • detailed review of all taxes and charges, which should be calculated and paid by the company;
  • high level review of the selected  taxes and charges, which should be calculated and paid by the company;
  • review of the validity of application of tax benefits, preferences.

The review can be performed for the whole period of the company’s activity, as well as for a certain period determined by the company.

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