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With ever increasing frequency, foreign companies transfer their employees to subsidiaries / to projects in different countries, and definitions of such terms as «secondment», «outstaffing» are no longer new for Belarusian market. Besides, Belarusian companies often employ citizens of foreign countries.

According to domestic legislation, Belarusian and foreign individuals, who stay more than 183 days in calendar year in the territory of Belarus, are considered to be Belarusian tax residents.

Belarusian tax residents have personal income tax liability on their worldwide income, and file a tax return on personal income tax related to foreign sourced income.

Payment of taxes by such individuals is a critical issue not only for such individuals, but a, reputational one – for their employers.

Our services in the field of personal taxation include the following services:

  • consulting on tax liabilities of individuals in Belarus;
  • tax assessment of liabilities related to personal income tax;
  • providing consulting support on exemption of income derived from sources outside Belarus from taxation in Belarus;
  • assistance with foreign tax credits against personal income tax to be paid in Belarus;
  • preparation of personal income tax returns.

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