Corporate taxation

Nowadays business is developing in response to tight control by the state authorities, whose main tool is taxes. Taking into account constant changes in tax law, as well as different approaches of tax authorities to taxation of transactions, taxes are the “cornerstone” of a company’s activity, including the one performing its business within the territory of Belarus.

We provide consulting services in the field of direct and indirect taxation. In particular, we consult on the following tax issues:

  • potential tax implications of contracts;
  • tax optimisation tools;
  • consulting on the issues arising as a result of performing business activities of foreign companies via a permanent establishment;
  • consulting on tax issues arising from investment projects implementation;
  • advisory support in preparation of written inquiries to tax authorities for clarification of tax law provisions;
  • application of international tax legislation, including advisory support in projects on structuring group business-flows.


We provide detailed written consultations according to individual requests of clients, as well as oral consultations – depending on the clients preferences and arrangements.

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