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Life of any company is associated with numerous corporate procedures and formalities. More and more founders from the very beginning are thinking about entering into a partnership (shareholders) agreement on their mutual rights and obligations. Business owners are no longer satisfied with lawyers who simply draft all necessary papers. Today business expects lawyers to timely identify corporate risks and provide recommendations on their efficient elimination.

Ignoring corporate rules may result in sufficient financial costs. As a consequence of a company’s improper registration all its income may be seized to Belarusian budget. After improper “exit” from business shareholders and operation management may be subject to subsidiary liability and limited in rights to run/manage new business for a certain period or even will be prohibited to leave the country.

PwC lawyers will help you to mitigate corporate risks, to optimise corporate procedures and workflow, to find out decisions allowing to avoid corporate disputes.

PwC Belarus renders a wide range of corporate law services, including:

Establishing a business presence
in Belarus:

  • consulting on preferable organisational form of doing business in Belarus;
    turn-key support in registration of legal entities, representative offices, permanent establishments;
  • preparation of client-tailored documents required for incorporation (charter, regulation of representative office), agreements between partners and shareholders;
  • registration of representative offices with Belarusian state authorities (tax inspection, social security office (FSZN), Belgosstrakh, statistical authorities);
  • consulting on formation of companies’ governing bodies.

Support in obtainment of licenses and other relevant permits.

Preparation and review of corporate documents, including decisions of owners, minutes of general shareholders meetings, local legal acts.

Legal support during corporate changes and conclusion of transactions with shares:

  • legal due diligence of corporate issues (buyer’s side or seller’s side), identification of legal risks and provision of recommendations on their mitigation;
  • full-scope legal support and structuring various types of reorganisations (merging, affiliation, splitting-up, splitting-off, transformation);
  • formalisation of changes in shareholders’ structure, sale and purchase of shares, increase and decrease of charter capital;
  • representation of clients in negotiations with counter parties and state authorities regarding corporate law matters.

Support during closure of business in Belarus:

  • turn-key legal support during liquidation of companies, closure of representative offices and their de-registration with state authorities;
  • consultations related to liquidation and bankruptcy issues, subsidiary liability;
  • representation of clients in the course of state audits.

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