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Today we need to consider a range of legal formalities for efficient running of business, such as requirements to foreign economic transactions, currency control limitations, customs aspects, provisions of investment laws and other business legislation. Failure to comply with these rules may lead, for example, to withdrawal of provided benefits or to recognition of decision on privatisation as null and void and, as a result, to financial costs for investors.

PwC Belarus will help you to understand pecularities of Belarusian laws, will identify legal risks and advise how to mitigate them, will porpose you a complex and business-focused solution tailored to your needs.

PwC Belarus renders a wide range of commercial law services, including:

Real estate and land law consulting,

  • legal structuring and support in real estate transactions;
  • legal due diligence of rights to real estate objects, assessment of legal risks associated with purchase of immovable property and provision of recommendations on their mitigation;
  • consulting on provision and withdrawal of land plots;
  • consulting on compliance with environmental law.

Preparation and review of civil-law agreements, including:

  • preparation of agreements tailored to clients needs and type of business activity;
  • identification of legal risks and provision of recommendations on their mitigation;
  • development of new and improvement of existing contractual setups, legal structuring of commercial transactions;
  • legal due diligence of business transactions;
  • legal assistance in negotiating terms of civil-law agreements with counter parties.

Investment law services,

  • consulting on legal aspects of investment activity and application of benefits for investors;
  • support in implementation of investment projects, drafting and negotiating the terms of agreements;
  • support in implementation of privatisation and public-private partership (PPP) projects;
  • representation of clients in negotiations with state authorities related to investment issues.

Consulting on foreign economic activity and currency legislation, including:

  • foreign economic activity issues such as completion of foreign economic transactions, compliance with Eurasian Economic Union rules;
  • currency regulation and control, including matters related to obtainment of permits of the National Bank for execution of currency transactions, sale-purchase of foreign currency, change of obligations currency, opening of banking accounts;
  • development of new and optimisation of existing contractual setups;
  • legal analysis of agreements for compliance with laws on foreign economic activity and currency regulation;
  • support in obtainment of permits for execution of currency transactions and prolongation of terms for completion of foreign economic transactions.

Customs law consulting regarding the following issues:

  • application of customs procedures of the Eurasian Economic Union;
  • determination of a country of goods origin and calculation of customs value of goods;
  • customs declaring, calculation and payment of customs duties and levies;
  • import, export and transit of goods;
  • obtainment of preliminary decisions of customs authorities regarding classification of goods according to the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature (FEACN) of the Eurasian Economic Union;
  • customs aspects of transaction with the goods containing intellectual property items;
  • assessment of a risk that goods will be seizured by customs authorities.

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