Antitrust Compliance

Not every company pays due attention to antitrust compliance issues. However, ignoring competition rules may result in recognition of corporate changes and agreements with shares as null, and may lead to financial sanctions. Establishment of the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of Belarus and the latest practice of antitrust authorities show the trend of strengthening control over compliance with antitrust legislation. Timely approaching qualified lawyers practising antitrust law allows to be aware of possible risks and to undertake actions aimed at their mitigation as well as to protect your business from unfair competitors.

PwC Belarus renders a wide range of legal services related to antitrust law and competition, including:

Consulting services related to antitrust law and competition:

  • assessment of risk that a company will be recognised as having dominant position in the market;
  • agreement of deals and corporate changes (incorporation, reorganisation) with antitrust authorities;
  • conclusion of vertical agreements;
  • application of Eurasian Economic Union legislation on protection of competition;
  • protection of the company’s interests against unfair competition.

Legal support during corporate restructuring and entering into transactions:

  • review of civil-law agreements with regard to their compliance with antitrust laws, identification of antimonopoly risks and development of strategy on their mitigation;
  • assistance in compliance with antitrust formalities, including obtainment of antitrust authorities’ permission for incorporation and reorganisation of companies, conclusion of transactions with shares;
  • preparation of required documents and support in obtaining conclusions of antitrust authorities on compliance of agreements with antitrust laws.

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